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the visionary branding agency.

CCI doesn't just make brands, we make culture. After branding with CCI, you'll never get lost in the crowd.

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Branding for pioneers.

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Launch-ready branding

Everything you need to take your brand from zero to launch-ready, all in one place. Look to further.


When it's time to evolve, we can help you reinvent your brand for changing times and changing needs.

Product Branding

Get your product off to a great start with a winning brand. From messaging to design, we do it all.

Brand Messaging

When you need to find the words, we're here to help. Together, we'll figure out how to say it best.

Logo Design

A logo is the visual avatar of your brand philosophy. It should be as unique as you are. Our iterative process ensures that you'll find a logo you are thrilled with.

Naming Services

What's in a name? A lot, as it turns out. Our in-depth naming process will help you get it right the first time.

Transcending the Ordinary

We're fearless because we have to be. You see, we're in the business of navigating change - and while change can be scary, it's also exciting. We take the reins, taming the wilds of the symbolic landscape with a mix of strategy and creativity. The result? Brands that transcend the ordinary.

The Culture-Makers

We make brands into icons, and in turn, offer our clients they opportunity to become legends. Our expertise as a branding agency is built on a foundational understanding of how culture is made.


Never afraid of a challenge, and we are always pushing ourselves to think beyond the obvious - to win hearts and minds with an uncommon attention to detail. We are not satisfied with just creating a brand, we strive to create a mythology.

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