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Don't wait for news. Make it.

CCI is a data-driven public relations firm with an innovative team that understands how to use narrative to shape culture.

With us, it's never a slow news day.

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Our Services

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Launch PR

So you're ready to launch your product, project, or company. What now? Let's tell the world about it!


B2B PR has unique considerations and specialized audiences. We can formulate a plan with your unique industry in mind.

Crisis Communications

When things go wrong, a media pile-on only makes it worse. Let us deal with the press so you can get back to business.

Consumer PR

Making your product the next big consumer trend is more doable than you think. Let us tell you how.

Viral Publicity Stunts

Can we let you in on a secret? The best viral moments are planned, and we can help you to engineer a winner.

Data-Driven PR

Make news by creating research-driven data insights that shape the conversation.

Tell your story.

Winning Hearts and Minds

The Cultural Currents Institute is a PR firm a cut above the rest. Our craft is shaping public attitudes with viral public relations campaigns that win hearts and minds. Our promise to you is that we will adapt and evolve to meet the demands of your business and audience.

Multi-disciplinary Expertise

We're premier - not ordinary. We are dedicated to building and maintaining public reputations through effective communication. We bring deep cross-industry knowledge, and a breadth of PR expertise that equips us to solve complex communication challenges. Our agile approach allows us to bring the best talent in the industry together to to form purpose-built teams for our clients.

strategy, data and creativity

We approach our work with a blend of strategy, creativity, and innovation backed by data and analytics. We cover all the basics - crafting press releases, arranging interviews and conferences, managing crises - but we aren't just tacticians. Our specialty is game-changing strategies with campaigns that capture attention and leave a lasting impact.

Relationships and results

Our PR team excels at building and maintaining relationships with key media personalities, bloggers, and influencers to secure coverage for our clients. We invite you to join us - and together, we'll achieve your goals and elevate your brand.

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