What State Loves Harry Potter Most?

We analyzed Google Trends data to determine which states love Harry Potter the most. The results show that it's no contest - Utahns are far and away the biggest fans of the Hogwarts universe!

Harry Potter's Biggest Fans

Anyone who has spent time in the beehive state likely won't be surprised to hear that they are the nation's biggest Harry Potter fans. Deathly Hallows decals are a common sight on vehicles clogging the 1-15 between Farmington and Provo during rush hour. Resin wands and wizards robes emblazoned with house crests are a common sight each halloween at BYU. If Google Trends data is any indication, Utahns are over 26% more interested in Harry Potter than the next biggest Potter fans (Idaho). So, like any good digital marketing agency, we decided to dig into the data.

A State That Loves Fantasy

As it happens, Harry Potter isn't the only fantasy property Utahns love. The state also ranks #1 in search volume for The Lord of the Rings and Twilight series, and is a close second for The Wheel of Time. Visitors to the state may even choose to take a break from Utah's national parks to visit a LARPing theme park. Interestingly, as the state's squeaky-clean branding might suggest, Utah did not count more adult-themed fantasy like Game of Thrones among their favorites.


Google Trends data was collected for each of the search terms listed above for all 50 U.S. states and D.C. from April 18, 2022 to April 18, 2023. Google's proprietary 100 point scoring system was used to represent each term's normalized search volume proportional to all other local searches.