62.5% Say Circumcision of Minors Should be Banned

Shifting attitudes around infant circumcision are borne out in polling data, which show that a majority would support banning the procedure.

Sizing Up Circumcision

Data collected by sex researcher and Twitter (ahem... X) personality Aella sheds light on changing attitudes surrounding circumcision. The data, which was curated and shared by author and documentary filmmaker Brendon Marotta, includes some interesting insights.

For example:

  • 62.5% of respondents said circumcision of minors should be banned
  • 62.6% of respondents said circumcision of infants is unethical
  • 74.1% believe that any medically unnecessary surgery on an infant's genitals should be illegal
  • Over 43% of circumcised men and 90% of uncircumcised men said they would not circumcise their male children
  • Over 40% of circumcised men would pay to get their foreskin back

Circumcision Survey Data

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