Political Consulting

At CCI, we're more than just a political consulting firm. We're your partner in navigating the complex world of public opinion and civic engagement. Leveraging our in-depth understanding of policy, public sentiment, and effective campaigning, we help you shape strategies that resonate with voters and win elections. Whether you're running for office, aiming to influence policy, or seeking to better understand political landscapes, CCI is your trusted guide in the realm of politics.

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What is political consulting?

Political consulting refers to the profession of providing strategic advice and services to political campaigns and candidates. Political consultants work closely with politicians and their teams to develop and implement strategies to win elections or achieve specific political objectives. They may offer guidance on campaign messaging, advertising, public relations, polling, fundraising, and grassroots organizing. Their role is to help candidates navigate the complexities of running for office and to maximize their chances of success.

About Us

A Next-Gen Political Consulting Firm

We're more than a political consulting firm; we're experts in applied sociology, trend forecasters, and skilled navigators of the shifting landscapes of public sentiment. Our mission? To shape the currents of culture, aligning them with our clients' goals.

In the intricate web of politics, understanding key factions and interest groups is critical. That's where our superpower comes into play: changing minds. Our team harnesses innovative data sources, applies advanced analytics, and dives deep into the sociopolitical fabric to gain a nuanced understanding of the diverse interest groups vital to your political ambitions. We take this wealth of insight and translate it into strategies that resonate, influence, and ultimately shape public opinion in your favor.

CCI proudly stands as a digital-native political consulting firm. We've worked with some of the world's leading commercial brands, bringing the lessons learned and innovative practices from the commercial sector into the political arena. Our innovative digital strategies weave compelling narratives that engage, inspire, and drive change.

When you partner with CCI, you're not merely participating in politics. You're immersing yourself in the deeper currents of culture, steering public perceptions, shifting opinions, and setting the stage for success in your political endeavors. Welcome to the future of political consulting, driven by the power of applied sociology.

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Our Approach

Crafting Winning Political Campaigns

At CCI, our comprehensive political consulting methodology is designed to help you navigate the complex world of politics and achieve your goals. Our approach is divided into four key phases: research, strategy development, campaign execution, and opportunistic amplification.

The research phase is our first step, where we delve deep into understanding the intricacies of your political landscape. We analyze key factions, interest groups, and public sentiment using novel data sources, thereby laying a solid foundation for your campaign strategy.

In the strategy development phase, we draw from our research insights to craft a compelling and unique political narrative that resonates with your target audience. Our team collaborates with you to create a strategic roadmap that is designed to engage voters, shape public opinion, and ultimately achieve your objectives. This step includes a messaging exercise where you define your reason, story, values, issues, and differentiation from your opponent.

When it comes to campaign execution, we deploy both paid media and public relations tactics. Our skilled team designs and manages compelling advertising campaigns, while our PR experts generate media interest and ensure your messages reach the right audiences. We use advanced targeting techniques and innovative digital strategies, honed from our work with leading global commercial brands, to create influential campaigns that inspire and engage.

Finally, in the opportunistic amplification phase, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to reinforce your message and broaden your impact. We respond quickly to emerging trends and events, using them to amplify your narrative through both paid media and public relations efforts. This ensures that your campaign stays relevant and continues to resonate, even in a rapidly changing political environment.

With CCI, you're not just running a campaign, you're shaping the political landscape.

How we work

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